Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that are commonly asked by our customers.


1)When should we organise our invitations?
Invitations should be given our 2-3 months before the event, so you should start to organised them approximately 3-4 months ahead. Also if you have international and interstate guests ensure that they have enough time to organise their holidays and travel arrangements (or you may choose to hand out save the date cards for them). Remember that it is never to early to start looking, remember the more organised you are the easier it will be.


2) How many invitations will we need?
One common mistake people often make is that they have 100 guests so they need 100 invitations. However rememeber that only one invitation is required per family, per couple, per individual attending. Dont forget to give parents one and one for yourselves as a keepsake. We also recommend several spare to be ordered for those last minute forgotten guests.


3) How long does it take for our invitations to be completed?
Invitations are usually completed within 7-14 days if all stock is available. You will be contacted otherwise. If needed more urgently arrangements can be accomodated.


4) Can we change the design of our invitations?
Most designs can be changed in colour and altered in style to better suit your theme. Sample proofs of theses are available.


5) When should we set our RSVP for?
RSVP's generally are set 4-6 before wedding dates, to allow for plenty of time to contact those guests who may not have replied back. Only 2-3 weeks are usually required for less formal events such as christenings and birthdays.


6) How do we decide on colours and designs?
There are no rules on choosing your colours and designs. You may choose to match bridal party colours, reception colours, or perhaps go with a design stye such as your flowers, hearts, or a theme such as a beach or garden.


7) How do we word our invitations?
We have a huge selection of wording to choose from, whether it be traditional from parents or more modern from the bride and groom. We also have a large range of poetry and fonts available. If you have particular wording you wish to include but are unsure of how to word it we are happy to help. We can also offer assistance on correct etiquette if required.


8) Is it rude to write no children on the invitations? 
This if definately a personal decision and will differ depending upon culture, attitude and individual situation. If you do choose this option we can assist you with correct wording so as not to offend to anybody.


9) Are bridal registery cards bad etiquette?
Once considered to be rude to ask for what gift you would like, registery cards are now quite common and popular, as most guests would prefer to purchase a gift that you will need rather than one you will return. Most registerys offer over the phone or online servcies, saving guests alot of time and hassle.


10) Are our guest names able to be printed?
You can opt to have your stationery personalised, with all guest names and addresses professionally printed or have them left blank so that you are alble to write them in.


11) What are bomboniere? 
Bomboniere, also know as favours, originated centuries ago and are given to guests as a token of appreciated for sharing your special day with you. They are often small gifts that represent your day that your guests take home as a memory keepsake.


12) How do we choose our bomboniere
Bomboniere choices are endless and will ultimately depend on your budget. Often they compliment your colours, theme and may match your stationery. We have a large range to choose from and are happy to assist you if you are unsure of what gift to select.


13) Who do we give bomboniere too?
Again there is no right or wrong here, but will of course depend upon your budget and the type of gift you have selected. You may choose to give all your guests a gift and incorporate their placecards with these. You may give only females one. You may have one for females and another for males. If you are choosing a more expensive gift then you may choose to provide one per family, per couple, per individual.


14) When do we organise our bomboniere?
Bomboniere should be organised at approximately the same time as your stationery, about 2-4 months ahead. They can be ordered within the last month but a limited stock may only be available, so order early to avoid disapointment and stress later.


15) Can we match our invitations and bomboniere to our theme?
Most definately. We have bomboniere to match and coordinate with all of our stationery and will keep within your budget.


16) What are our options on a tight budget?
We all know how expensive organising a wedding or other functions can be. So we have introduced several options to accomodate all budgets, from DIY supplies, to precut kits, to completed packages to our soon to be released couture range. We are more than happy to assist you in making the right decision.